The Importance of Properly Filed Taxes for Marriage-Based Green Card and Citizenship Applications

At times, the immigration attorneys at Heiferman & Associates see tax returns with errors. These errors can negatively affect marriage-based immigration applications. Tax returns for Green card or citizenship applicants based on marriage, usually should check the box “married filing jointly”. Sometimes individuals incorrectly claim head of household. By claiming head of household, tax filers may get larger tax returns, though, the filer may not qualify for that status. This is why it is so important to have your taxes prepared by a CPA or other licensed tax preparer.

The immigration lawyers at Heiferman & Associates thoroughly review clients’ taxes to spot errors. It may be possible to amend old taxes, if head of household was claimed in error. This may lead to the client owing money to the IRS; other times they may be entitled to a tax refund. If a person is unable to pay the debt, they may be able to do a payment plan with the IRS. If someone else prepares your taxes, they should sign the preparer section of the return. If that person does not sign that section, it may mean they might not be a licensed professional. Our immigration attorneys thoroughly review taxes to spot errors.

Incorrectly claiming head of household could subject you to serious tax fraud accusations. Justin Heiferman is a former accountant, prosecutor of tax crimes and has defended clients accused of serious tax crimes. Our criminal defense attorneys can assist with preventing problems before they happen. Additionally, our New York City immigration law firm regularly assists clients in applying for marriage-based visas, green cards and citizenship. 

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