USCIS Changes Their Voting Policy Regarding Naturalization (Citizenship) Eligibility

Recently, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) updated their voting policy. Only U.S. Citizens are allowed to vote in a federal election. At times, green card holders accidentally registered to vote through the department of motor vehicles or other government agency. Some license forms also have boxes that ask if you want to vote. Not everyone knows that green card holder are not allowed to vote in federal elections. Voting affects an applicant’s good moral character (GMC) determination. At times, green card holders were denied citizenship because they registered to vote or voted in an election. However, many of them, did not know they had even registered. This change will reduce the denials of citizenship, which is great news!

If an immigrant registered to vote or voted in a federal election, we can help. The most important thing to do is deregister ASAP! You also need to get a copy of your voting record. The immigration lawyers at Heiferman & Associates are here to assist with your citizenship needs. Our immigration attorneys guide clients step by step through this process. Our immigration attorneys are able to sue the government for individuals improperly denied citizenship and visas. We also assist individuals denied citizenship with appeals. If your citizenship has been denied, you have to act quickly, otherwise you may have wait another 5 years.

If you or a family member needs assistance with a denial of citizenship, the experienced immigration team at Heiferman & Associates can help. We assist clients with applying for most visas, green cards, as well as defend clients in Immigration Court. Please contact us today at (718) 888-9545 to schedule an initial consultation with one of our experienced immigration attorneys. Consultations are available by appointment, Zoom, Teams, Google and more.